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Saybrook's Psychology Ph.D. with a specialization in Clinical Psychology teaches you to:

  • make your mark as a researcher,
  • make your mark as a practitioner, 
  • combine the library and street for the betterment of the world.
Saybrook takes psychology beyond anti-depressents, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance regulations. 
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The recognized global leader in humanistic and existential psychology, Saybrook's Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology asks the big questions:
  • How do we help others live more meaningful lives?
  • How do people heal themselves?
As a Saybrook student, you will:
  • Go beyond traditional psychodynamic therapy
  • Access training on existential and mind-body therapeutic techniques
  • Develop a specialized practice or area of expertise
(Note that licensing requirements vary significantly from state to state. Consult an admissions specialist on requirements for the state in which you wish to practice.)