Professional Training for a New Community of Healthcare Practitioners.

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Join other practitioners in becoming an active participant in the transformation of healthcare: 

  • Perform cutting-edge research
  • Enhance your clinical practice
  • Develop innovative models of health education and healthcare delivery
Our graduate programs in alternative, integrative, and holistic mind-body medicine utilize the best of face-to-face and distance learning approaches.
Fill out the form on the right to learn more about Saybrook's M.A. and Ph.D programs in Mind-Body Medicine. 
At Saybrook, you will:
  • Learn how adding natural, eastern-oriented, and other complementary medicine approaches can help your patients heal.
  • Explore the creative use of evidence-based, therapeutic interventions.
  • Ground your education in truely integrative healthcare.
  • Train in applied hypnosis, biofeedback, nutrition, and exercise.
  • Examine the role of group support. 
  • Apply your learning in real-world environments. 
Challenging. Powerfully Practical. Socially Transformative. 
  • MS Mind-Body Medicine
  • Ph.D. with specialization in Healthcare Practice
  • Ph.D. with specialization in Healthcare Research
  • Ph.D. with specialization in Healthcare Systems
  • Ph.D. Mind-Body Medicine